Salve Mei Virs!
(Greetings Friends)

and welcome to our official website

“The Tales of the Tarshari Knights”

„Women Were Also Knights“

The Tales of the Tarshari Knights (book, music, poetry,
pictures and text) is an unusual work in progress, that came
to find it’s creative beginnings in the mind, soul and pen of the Theatrical Director and Multi-Arts-Artist
Buenaventura Negron Rivera de Braunstein.

It’s story will transfer you back into a historical past (realistic fiction), where you will encounter those amazing, daring and heart warming women knights who came to be known as:  

“The Tarshari Knights”

from the Sisterhood of the Seven Goals

These women were not only highly trained professional
defenders of their times, but also developed an incredible
society for themselves and their families!

At our site, you will have the opportunity to follow us along our
way as we travel towards our artistic roads of future developments!

Remember, Time and Patience are the best of friends. Greet them with honour when they knock upon creation’s door!